International tantra workshops by the Tantra Institute of Prague

Amor and his female side

Autumn weekend in Prague

Meeting dedicated to building energy and jin by way of enjoying the erotic

"There was darkness and chaos at the beginning, Eros was ruling the world" - Antic greek mythology.

To be in harmony with Amor or Cupido (Roman names for greek Eros) is an important condition for life in harmony with the whole existence. This archaic energy influences fundamentally the life of each of us. In today‘s postpatriarchal society we feel more the jang nature of Eros (the male, initiative, penetrating one). Accept our invitation to look into his jin side (the female, receiving, absorbing one). To understand the principles, it is necessary to accept it first the way it is. For that we use tantric rituals. When we celebrate and worship some part of Existence (often represented by deity) and we make with it intimate contact, we allow her to „penetrate“ us. Doing that, we are given a chance to reach from the ritual the experience of unity and understanding.

    What will we do at the course?
  • Simple and effective meditation techniques for relaxing and becoming present
  • Movement, dance, meeting eachother
  • Work with energy using our breath, movement and voice (energetic body, chakras)
  • Transformation through conscious experience
  • Widening of consciousness, opening the heart to love
  • Sharing experience in safe circle
  • Ritual dedicated to Amor/Eros and his jin nature

Who is this course for? For women and men of all oriantation, singles, couples, advanced participants of tantric courses and easy going beginners.

Participation in any and all parts of the program is voluntary.

What to take? Confortable clothes, sarong/lungi (big scarf) and blindfold (or scarf for eyes), blanket, sheet and massage oil, drinks and food for yourself. We will have a break for food on Saturday so that we can visit a restaurant nearby.

Venue: Komunitní centrum Blízko sebe, K Dolům 1973/38 Prague, The Czech republic.

Date: October 16-18, 2020, Friday 19-22, Saturday 10-22 Sunday 9:30-14:00.

Price (tution): € 170 per person.
Discount price for couples: € 290.
Couple means man and woman who registered as attending the course together. They don’t have to do all exercises only together.
Price includes English traslation.
The posibility to sleep in the place of venue (in your own sleeping bag) for fee € 8 night.

Guides and teachers: Manguri and Zuzana.

Application and information: with Zuzana Bestová by e-mailem (tel. +420 733 371 336).

Information required in application: Name and surname, e-mail address, phone number.

Deposit: Nonrefundable deposit of € 50 per person is necessary to pay in 3 days from registration to given bank account number.

Tantric holidays in Tuscany

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our 2020 event haas been rescheduled to May 2021.

Villa Gaia

Join us for a spring week in a beutiful region of Italy rich in history, picturesque landscapes, art of famous Renaissance artists, beautiful cities, fine wine and delicious food. Our stay is in a tastefully reconstructed four hundred year old villa in a garden surrounded by vineyards.

Tantric classes (morning and evening session total of 5 hours a day): meditation techniques suitable for couples and individuals, soft techniques of tantric massage, awakening energy body, tantric work with sexual energy: opening and charging chakras, sacred tantric rituals, sharing, insight and of course much fun.

You do not need any prior tantric experience, but still it’s great if you have some knowledge of tantra.

There is time off during the day (10 am till 7 pm) for excursions into the surroundings or to relax in the countryside or by the villa pool.

Places of interest in the area / tips for the trips: Siena, Florence, Pisa, Grosseto, Assisi, Bagni San Filippo spa and other thermal springs in the surrounding area, Chianti wine region, Tyrrhenian Sea (approx. 70 km) and beautiful surrounding hills ... .

Location: Villa Gaia, Seggiano, Tuscany, Italy.

Pictures: exterior 1 , exterior 2 , interior , meditation hall , room 1 , room 2
pool 1 , pool 2 , terrase , view 1 , view 2 .

Date: May 22-29, 2021.

Price: € 950 per person.
Discount price for couples: € 1800.

Price includes: tution (30 hours) , accommodation and vegetarian half board (breakfast and dinner).

Accommodation: 2-3 bed rooms in the villa, bathroom for each room or shared between two rooms. You may use one of the 2 kitchens to prepare your own meals.

Transport: This is not included in the price. It is preferable to arrive by car (because a car would come in handy). We can help with organising car sharing, Villa Gaia is a separate house on a hill, the nearest village (Seggiano) is almost 4 km away.

Near airports: Florence (the nearest one, about 100 km), Pisa, Bologna, Rome.

Guides and teachers: Manguri and Jana.

Application and information: Please contact Manguri at or by phone +420 777016312.

What we need to know: your name, surname, e-mail address, and a number we can contact you on, preferably a cell phone number.

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