Petr Sindelar

Manguri (born 1963) is considered one of the pioneers of tantra in the Czech Republic and was one of the first teachers here. He is the founder of The Tantra Institute and since 2002 has taught tantra, tantric massages and runs

Fascinated by following (tantric) topics:

  • Rituals as a means of communication with existence (or, if you prefer, with the gods)
  • Atuning to "existence", and the symbolic meaning of events
  • Consciously distributing sexual energy within your physical and energy body, including its containment and circulation
  • Personal growth by following the heart desire
  • Conscious energy exchange with other beings (not only human but also animals, trees, etc)
  • Intimate relationship development

In 1986 he graduated in informatics at Prague´s Charles University and worked as a computer scientist.

Since 1998 he has been practicing tantra, including studying in the Osho Commune in Poona and taking several tantra courses with such tantric illuminaries as Margot Anand, Radha, Tarisha.

In 1999 and 2000 he completed his tantric education at the Sky Dancing Institute in Munich (Aman Peter Schröter, Eva Szabo)

He assisted John Hawken in his teaching in the Czech Republic and attended his seminars for tantra teachers.

He also trained for two years in the Gestalt approach at the Institute for Gestalt Therapy in Prague.

Some important influences for his work include body-oriented psychotherapy, Taoism, sexual magic, Greek mythology, listening to the oracle (tarot, I Ching), travelling and meeting other cultures.