Jana Goetzová

First facilitator of experiential personality-development workshops in the Czech Republic (based in Prague), focusing on themes of conscious and creative sexuality using a combination of elements of Tantra and BDSM and Tantra teacher. She has been exploring both worlds for almost 20 years and finds many parallels in them. Not only do they represent a huge space for personal growth and transformation, increasing our energy and consciousness, but they also offer great potential for therapeutic work.

She has university degree and rich experience from well known teachers and colleagues (John Hawken, Alan Lowen, Igor Samotny, Felix Ruckert, Eli Weidenfeld, Mona Lisa Boyesen, Manguri and others), but mainly from her private life. She has presented and performed at international festivals as Xplore and others.

She is fascinated by the fact that the expansion of consciousness and personality cultivation occur also through confrontation and acceptance of our primitive and dark parts. From 2013 she has been teachning in the Czech Republic and abroad.

"Be like a flowing river, not like a reservoir with the same water!"

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